Nosso Lar Spiritist Society On-Line Studies during Shelter in Place


9:00am to 9:45 am – Medium’s Book and Andre Luiz series Books alternating every week (Portuguese) 

Contact Marcia - (925)548-6908 

Study mediators – Marcia, Mirella e Cleia

Click here to access the study online


10:00am to 10:45am - Open Lecture on Spiritism (Portuguese except for the last Sunday of each month that is in English)

Contact Junia at (510)384-3212

Click here to access the study online


11:15am to 12pm – Spiritism Study (English)

Click here to access the study online

Contact Claudio at (408)202-5493

            Study mediators: Claudio, Jeise, Natache



9:00 am to 10:00 am - Gospel According to Spiritism Book (Portuguese)  and ESDE (Estudo Sistematizado da Doutrina Espirita) starting on June 2

Click here to access the study online

Contact Jeise at (415)666-5642

Study mediators: Jeise, Ursula, Patricia and Mirella



4:00pm to 5:00pm – Gospel at Home for Children 

(Ages: 7-12 but kids of all ages are welcome)

Click here to access the study online

Contact Ursula at (415)949-9768

Study mediator: Ursula, Maria e Mirella


7:30PM – 8PM - Prayers and Irradiation of Good Energies

Contact Jorge (510)384-3216 or access the link below to put the name of the person you want us to pray for:




7:30pm to 8:10pm - Gospel at home (Portuguese)

Click here to access the study online

Contact Mirella at (925)321-1745

Meeting mediators: Everyone is engaged during the meeting



10PM - Daily Prayer Current  

Contact Jeise (415)666-5642 to have your name added to the Prayers WhatsApp group




Fraternal Network


  • Helping homeless people with food donations – contact Raimunda (510) 472-7609 or Maria Medeiros (408) 544-0461 who are kindly reaching out a homeless community in Oakland by serving breakfast every Saturday morning. Contact them if you want to help!


  • Preparing and delivering dinner at the BFWC shelter in San Leandro. 

Contact Moacy at (415)909-8098


  • Making face masks - Contact Vilma if you would like to learn how to make face masks and also support her in this initiative.   

Contact Vilma at (925)212-2888


  • Groceries delivery and other errands – If you are older and are alone, and need any help/support, please contact us at and we will coordinate internally and with other Spiritist centers in the Bay Area, if needed, to reach you out and help.


  • NLSS Fraternal Talk - Feeling alone, sad, discouraged and would like to talk? Feel free to send us a text message so we can schedule a time to talk and support you. Be connected with our spiritual family through this tough moment that we are all going through.

Contact Mirella at (925)321-1745, Marcia (925)548-6908, Raimunda (415) 410-5068, Jorge (510)384-3216, Weida (415) 410-5068, Junia (510) 384-3212, Fred (650) 823-4642, Jeise (415) 666-5642.

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