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Friend's Breakfasts

IMPORTANT NOTE::: FRIEND'S BREAKFAST WORK SUSPENSION DURING THE COVID PANDEMIC - Given the risk of Coronavirus contamination, the Nosso Lar administration has decided to interrupt this volunteer work during the Pandemic.

(Independent volunteers keep serving the breakfast but separately from the Nosso Lar administration). 


Every Saturday morning, a group of people from NLSS go to a Homeless Camp in Oakland to serve Breakfast and to bring a little bit of joy to these people living on the Streets.


Sometimes this is the only complete meal they get in days. 

Every Saturday we bring some boiled Eggs, Coffee, Milk, Orange Juice, Fruits, Cookies, Cornbread, Bread and Butter and Bagels and a little goodie bag with snacks and water for later.

How can I help?

You can help either by donating the food items, described on the list below. You can also help going there and helping to serve.


List of items needed  

Do you want to help serving the food?

If you would like to help serving, please fill the form below and one of the coordinators will contact you and provide more instructions.


Meeting Location: 2510 Wood St, Oakland, CA 94607

Hours: 10Am - 12 PM

Dressing code: Please use a long sleeve shirt, and simple clothes. 

Please bring a printed version of the Release of Liability form (below) in order to participate in any kind of volunteer activity at Nosso Lar.

Release of Reliability form:

This is a very rewarding activity, which not only help our brothers and sisters living on the streets but also bring us a feeling of gratitude to all that we have and this is a great way to give back to the community.


Thanks! Message sent.

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