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Register here for our new group starting on September 22nd

See you Sunday!

Nosso Lar Spiritist Society (NLSS) will start a new study group called Course on Spiritism. 

Click Here for Course Schedule 




There are no requirements to attend this course  and everyone that is interested in learning more about Spiritism is welcome. 




The Students will have an opportunity to build up a main understanding of the scientific, moral and philosophic aspects of Spiritism, on a slow pace and structured  manner.


The Material


Workbook 1 

Workbook 2


Why is the course in English?


The course will be in English in order to be more inclusive, allowing non Portuguese speakers to have an opportunity to learn more about Spiritism. All Portuguese speakers are very welcome and encouraged to join us as well. If you don’t speak English, this is a great opportunity to immerse yourself into the language as well as learning more about Spiritism.


“A regular course on Spiritism would be given in order to develop the principles of Science and to promote the fondness for serious studies. This course would have the advantage of laying the foundation for the unit of principles, of forming enlightened followers, capable of spreading the spiritist ideas, and developing a great number of mediums. I consider this course of a nature to exercise capital influence on the future of Spiritism and its consequences.”

Allan Kardec (Posthumous Works” – Project, 1868)

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